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Early College, CTE, & Postsecondary

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Counselor, Instructional Coach, Site-Based Administrator, Teacher

Early College, CTE, & Postsecondary is designed for dual enrollment, ECHS, P-TECH, CTE, and postsecondary instructors and leaders. Educators will learn and apply Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading (WICOR®) instructional strategies to ensure students’ engagement, access to rigor, college success, and career readiness. Participants will leverage high-engagement strategies to investigate, analyze, design, and develop best-practice instruction with an emphasis on metacognition for the classroom, laboratory, and/or online environments across all disciplines. Participants will engage in both synchronous and semi-synchronous learning. All strategies, digital activities, and digital tools experienced can be leveraged in face-to-face or virtual learning environments.

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Three-day professional learning through a virtual platform using videoconferencing provides a high-paced, interactive, dynamic learning experience while modeling engaging and rigorous instruction. There will also be an opportunity to engage with colleagues throughout the school year to deepen and broaden learning through Extended Learning Pathways, On-Demand Learning modules, One-to-One Collaborative Coaching, and professional discourse.

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