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Leadership for College and Career Readiness 1 (Designed for teams)

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AVID Site Coordinator, District Leader, Site-Based Administrator

Participants will not leave with a checklist of things to do; we want them to lead the work, not manage the work. College and career readiness for all is a mindset that drives schools to create the conditions that allow all students to have equitable opportunities. This training provides participants a framework, resources, and tools to host critical conversations about how to ensure college and career readiness for all. We will empower them to return to their sites to address change in general, to troubleshoot possible challenges/barriers, and to identify the work they need to explicitly plan and carry out to lay a foundation for the conditions that will support college and career readiness for all students. Although the focus is not “AVID Implementation 101,” this training is about showing participants that AVID Schoolwide is a systemic approach to college and career readiness for all and how it can be aligned with the current strategies and initiatives going on at their sites and in their districts.

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Two-day professional learning hosted at a face-to-face location across the United States yearlong provides an excellent way to broaden or deepen the ongoing improvement of instruction and comprehensive culture of student success within your school setting.

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