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Strengthening Pathways – Secondary to Higher Education

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AVID Site Coordinator, Counselor, Site-Based Administrator, Teacher

This strand brings educational leaders and instructors from secondary and higher education together to support student success throughout the high-school-to-college pathway. Participants will engage in discourse and analysis of high school and college cross-functional teams and how dual enrollment, Early College High Schools, Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools, and Career and Technical Education work to advance student success and completion and then create plans for strengthening their career and guided pathways between secondary and higher education. In this work, participants will address systemic inequities and perceived deficits to meet students’ current and future goals and leverage relationships and resources that will advance students’ success.

This strand requires all participants to have their own device or laptop that can connect to the internet. Participants must bring an acceptable device, power cord, and earbuds/headphones with them to the strand. If a district-issued device is being used, be sure to log in to the device on the district network before attending. Device software and web browser need to be up to date.

  • Acceptable devices include laptops, Chromebooks, Surface devices, iPads, and iPad Pros.
  • Unacceptable devices include mini iPads, Kindle or Galaxy tablets, and smartphones.

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Three-day professional learning hosted at 10 face-to-face locations across the United States during June and July that provides high-paced, interactive, dynamic professional learning while modeling engaging and rigorous instruction.

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Two-day professional learning hosted at a face-to-face location across the United States yearlong provides an excellent way to broaden or deepen the ongoing improvement of instruction and comprehensive culture of student success within your school setting.

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